Armani has a passion for dancing. While growing up in Germany, she
performed and competed regionally with an improvisational
performance group in various dance styles. Their performances were
commonly called "Themed Show Dancing" and involved various fusion
forms of folkloric dance styles.

However, it was not until the end of 2005, that she discovered the art
of belly dancing and immediately fell in love with it. She then began
taking lessons in traditional Egyptian style and over the next several
years furthered her education with training from a local instructor as
well as great talents like Arish Lam, Ansuya, Morocco, Kajira and

Armani considers herself an improvisational dancer and loves to fuse
various folkloric styles with American Cabaret. Some of her most
favorite forms include: Bollywood, American Tribal Style or
Improvisational Tribal Style and she frequently includes veils, fan
veils, canes and swords in her dancing.

She is currently a member of "Eastern Odyssey" as well as the
Entertainment Troupe "1-2-3" and is very proud and excited to be
dancing with Carenza's Caravan.