Carenza bint Asya is a Tribal Fusion, Bolly Dance & Fire Performer
based in Indianapolis, Indiana who has been studying Middle Eastern
Dance and its history since

She is the owner of
Carenza's Caravan and
a member of Phoenix Fire Productions.

She offers classes, public and private lessons, in belly dance (Cabaret,
Tribal & Fusion), Bolly Dance and Bootcamp classes.

For more information about lessons, performances, workshops or
vending, email carenzascaravan @ or call 317-828-9185


Workshops available:

Fire Dancer
Put the spark back into your dance with fire! A beginner class
designed to help you start your pyro path.
Purchase practice poi at class or bring your own

Veil Voyage
This workshop will cover various veil wraps, tips for performance
and beginner through advanced veil movements. Additional veils
will be available for use for those who do not own a veil.
All levels are welcome.  

Workshop combines Belly Dance, Kathak, and Bollywood
movements! Participants will be shown different mudra's, eye-hand
coordination, fun foot-work, graceful and energetic combinations to
enhance their chosen form of dance. All levels are welcome.  

Tired of the same old tribal ques/combinations? This workshop
combines tribal movements with Bollywood for a fun and unique
addition to your dance repertoire.   

Intro To Sword
This workshop covers the basic elements of performing with a sword
including: types of sword, caring for your sword, stances, kata’s, and
balancing the sword without the aid of candlewax, bandana’s,
turbans, etc.. Participants are encouraged to bring a sword free of
candlewax/adhesives. All levels welcome.  

Dueling Dynamo (Int/Adv)
Sword combos, forms (kata) & powerful fighting stances that strike
fear in the hearts of men. Sword combinations to utilize with a
partner and/or troupe. Participants should have a basic knowledge of
sword dancing. Newcomers are welcome to learn combinations sans
sword to avoid injuring your dance partner.  

Technique Tune-up
This workshop will focus on posture, isolations, presentation,
pop/locks, layering and polishing your technique. Drills and
combinations will be taught to take your dance skills to the next level.
All levels welcome.  

Tribal Temptress
This workshop combines movements from many cultures.
The beauty of Tribal Fusion involves strong posture, a solid
foundation, hot pop and locks and precise, snaky movements.
Short & sassy combinations will be taught utilizing the movements
taught in class. Whether you are new to this dance or a “pro”,
there will be something for everyone!

The above are not all inclusive, customized workshops are available.