My style is Tribal Fusion, in my translation means, I learn moves
belly dance, bollywood and fusion.

I was first introduced to belly dancing through the
SCA, a medieval
reenactment group. I was given the choice of being a Viking woman
or a belly dancer. Hmmm...cook, clean and take care of men all day,
or something mysterious and beautiful? I opted for something new
and chose belly dancer. I had no clue of the work and time it would
take to accomplish this. However, after I saw the dancers at
Pennsic I was hooked and would do whatever it took to be able to
dance like that. I chose the name Carenza, "bint Asya" came later
from my first belly dance teacher
Zweena bint Asya. I began lessons
with Zweena in 2000 when my family and I moved from Muncie to
Fort Wayne. I took private lessons, classes and worked my way up
to assisting and then teaching classes.I became a member of Troupe
Taleeba in April of 2002.

In 2004, I returned to Muncie where I began teaching, vending and
building my own troupe and opened my own dance studio. In
November 2007, I closed my dance studio, and my family moved to
join my husband, who was transferred to Pittsburgh.

In December of 2010, my family and I returned to Indianapolis,
where I continue to teach weekly, monthly and private lessons and
perform throughout the Midwest. I have also began glow and fire
dancing with Phoenix Fire Productions.

Carenza bint Asya
carenzascaravan @

About my name: Carenza is Celtic for "love", bint is Arabic for
"daughter of", Asya in Arabic is a variation of the word Asia
meaning "lively" or "resurrection"

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