Carenza is available for workshops, classes or lessons...

    Private Lesson Rates:
    $35/per hour

    Semi-Private Rates for Two People:
    $20/per person/per hour

    Semi-Private Rates for Three or More People:
    $15/per person/per hour

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Student Quote:
    I have really enjoyed Carenza's classes . Not only is she is a wonderful
    performer in her own rite, but she's an excellent and patient teacher ... even for
    those like me who don't want to bare our bellies and have never belly danced
    before.  Belly dancing is FUN!           

From Carenza:
    I encourage everyone to try at least one class.
    You do not need prior dance experience or a particular body style.
    I am the mother of four children with no prior dance experience. If I can learn to
    do this, so can you!

    "I have too much belly"
    Many of the first belly dancers were women who would be considered "big" by
    American standards.

    "My body doesn't move like that"
    Your body may not move like that now, but how often do you do chest lifts at
    the copy machine?