Zoyya bint Asya started studying the art of Belly Dance in late 2007.
She has had the opportunity to learn from several instructors including
Carenza bint Asya, Liz Von Moxie, Ja'Niesa Zaki, and Zhenna. Along
with regular studies there have been many workshops with various
wonderful teachers. Having an array of teachers has been a blessing in
disguise. Both American Cabaret and Tribal Fusion is her passion. She
also loves dancing with Sword and Veil.

Zoyya says that over the years she has learned that to be perceived as a
beautiful dancer you must be content with your performance. Your
passion must be displayed in your dance and the love for the art must
be present. Without these things your dance will never be complete.

Zoyya has been blessed to be part of some wonderful dance troupes.
As a previous member of Ar-Raqis and a current member of ReBellyon
and Carenza's Caravan, she feel honored to be able to dance with such
wonderful and talented women.
Zoyya bint Asya